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IAABO Board 130

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Welcome to the IAABO Board 130 web site.

Board 130 was granted its charter from the International Association of Approved Basketball Officials on Nov. 15, 1951. Board 130 consists of more than 400 members who officiate basketball games from the grammar school to college level. We have active Membership and Development committees who work to ensure that our newer members be given every opportunity to improve their skills and advance their officiating careers.

We hope you find this web site informative and helpful. For more information about Board 130, contact us at



Bob "Moona" Mullins, stays calm even after officiating over 2,000 games

 Who wants to be an Official?

We are starting classes on October 3rd for the upcoming season.






If you live in Essex County and are at least 18 years old, you are eligible.

The classes are on Mon & Wed evenings, 6:30 - 8:30PM, at North Andover High School.

The exam will on Monday, Nov. 7nd at Salem, MA High School

The cost is $175

 Click the button above to register for the class

If you don't live in Essex County, click the following link to find a Board in your area.



2015-16 Dues:  Active Member: $105,   Associate Member: $55 (non-working official, at any level of play)

All Active Officials (working at any level) must meet the following criteria to be eligible to officiate:
1. Attend 1 Interpretation Meeting (we hold 3 per year, one in each month of Oct, Nov, Dec)
2. Pay their dues on or before the Dec 7th meeting (please note: email reminders are automated from the website until you have paid)
3. Attend a Refresher Exam meeting (dates listed below) or complete and submit the Refresher Exam (Click link for an electronic copy)
to Dan Bryant via email: or at the Fall Meetings
4. Attend 3 business meetings per year (the Interpretation meeting and the Refresher Exam meeting each count as a Business meeting)


Meeting Dates: 

Business Meeting, Sunday, Mar 13th, 10AM, Essex Aggie

Banquet, Mar 29th, 6PM, Danversport Yacht Club

Pre-Season Memo from IAABO (Part of Boots' Interpretation)
Contact Above the Shoulders (clarification):

For the 2012-13 season the NFHS Rules Committee issued a Point of Emphasis (POE) on contact above the shoulders.  The POE defined illegal contact from a moving elbow where such contact was above the shoulders as being either an intentional foul or a flagrant one.  This guidance regarding these play situations was provided in connection with the continuing emphasis on reducing concussions and decreasing excessive contact situations.  It also helped to bring the results of such plays in high school games more in line with what is defined at the NCAA and pro levels. For more information and examples (click this link)


List of Dropped Officials:       2015-16 Dropped Officials List


List of Associate Members (non-working officials at any level of play):  List of Associate Members for 2015-16



3 Person Mechanics Presentation (Click this link)

Varsity Officials:  All Varsity Officials must wear a black IAABO jacket during warm-ups of any varsity basketball contest. 

If you need a jacket please click this link to go to IAABO's supplier for officiating apparel.


Ejection Forms from MIAA Website: Player Ejection Form       Coach Ejection Form


Concussion Training Link:  Training Link
2016 Larry McIntire IAABO Board 130 Classic Scholarship Application (click link for form)


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2015 Special Olympics

On March 7th & 8th, IAABO Board #130 officials refereed the Special Olympics State basketball tournament at Assumption College.  There were 26 games each day, and all 52 games were officiated by Board #130 referees.


BD 130 Executive Team would like to thank Mark Friedman for his hardwork and dedication to the Special Olympics. Mark has being managing this event on behalf of the Board for numerous years.




2015-2016 Elected Officials: 

President:  Peter Dion

Vice President: Fred Forsgard

Secretary/Treasurer: Dan Bryant

Rules Interpreter: Bill "Boots" Boutilier

Executive Board Chairman: Rich Napolitano


Area Representatives:

  Area 1: Paul Halloran
          Area 2: Steve Marc-Aurele
    Area 3: Glenn Chesley

 Area 4: Bill Phillips
  Area 5: Jimmy Young

 Area 6: Bo Sao
  At-Large:  Dave Margossian & Tom Burkinsaw